The PBCL stands for the Prepared By Client List. It is a smart solution for sharing information and documents between companies and intermediaries. This is done by completing different questionnaires. The information and documentation will for example be used for preparing financial statements. This guide will explain how to use the PBCL.


The menu exists out of a couple of sections. First, going from left to right, you will see the logo of the environment you are working in. When clicking on the image, you will be taken back to the dashboard.

The Dashboard link will also open direct the dashboard.

PBCL will open the tile structure for the client you most recently opened.

The notification icon will open the list of notifications that are available for you.

Your name will open a menu where you can see the settings that are applicable for you and the option to log out.


The PBCL dashboard consists out of number of widgets that show the status of the questionnaires that are (being) filled in. The dashboard would be your starting point to go to the questionnaires themselves.

Status widgets

The most colorful widgets are the Status widgets. With just 4 numbers they show you directly what the current status is of the active PBCLs

PBCLs are taken into account for the different widgets under the following criteria:

  • Ready for review  - The PBCL is 100% completed and has questions open that need to be approved/rejected.
  • Completed - The PBCL is 100% approved in the last 7 days.
  • Rejected - A PBCL has at least one rejected question open for answering.
  • Upcoming deadlines - Shows the number of PBCLs that have a deadline in the upcoming 7 days.

When clicking on the widgets the PBCL Progress page will be opened with the filter automatically set to the option you have chosen.

The upcoming deadlines will open a page where you can see an overview of all the future deadlines.


Examples of these messages are:

  • A PBCL needs to be filled in and has a deadline in the upcoming days.
  • A question has been rejected or a comment has been made.

When clicking on the notification, you will automatically be directed the the right client. In the tile structure you can then see which questionnaire needs to be opened.


When you have multiple PBCLs that need to be monitored, the progress widget gives a perfect overview of how far the questionnaires are filled.

All questionnaires that are not yet 100% approved are taken into account in the widget.

The progress shows the progress of answering the questionnaire.

Clicking on the title will open the Progress Overview page where you can further look into the details of the available PBCLs

Latest clients

In order to go back quickly to the entities you are working on, a list of the 5 most recently opened clients is displayed. When clicking on a client, the PBCL for that client is opened.

Upcoming deadlines

The upcoming 5 deadlines are displayed in this widget. By clicking on a deadline the PBCL is opened for the specific client.

When you click on See all deadlines, an overview page is opened where you can see all the future deadlines.

Progress overview

The progress pages gives you the opportunity to see better what the status is of the create questionnaires.

The first four options of the filter are corresponding with the widgets on the dashboard. After that it is possible to also filter based on the year, the progress of the pbcl and the type of PBCL.

<!> if the list of PBCLs is empty, try to remove or change the filter options. It could be that in the current selection there are no PBCLs available.