New functionalities

PDF Signing

In collaboration with Digidentity it is now possible in Docflow to digitally sign pdf files.

Depending on the configuration of your process, signing a pdf document can be as simple as uploading the pdf file to Docflow, click on approve and sign the document with your mobile smartcard. The result is a legally binding digital signature.

The following levels of smartcards are supported for digital signing:

  • Personal_level0
  • Personal_level3
  • Personal_level4
  • Professional_level4

For enabling the functionality for your organization, please contact your sales/account manager.

Docflow Dashboard

The dashboard in use for Docflow has received a couple of added functionalities. First is the expansion of the search fields. It is now possible to search on the Company name and the Company number.

An extra column is added to the overview of the flows: state. As some might know, a flow goes from one state to the other (e.g. from accountant-review to client-approve). With the addition of the state it is now possible to quickly get an overview of all documents that are for example waiting on the approval of the client.

The last addition is the possibility to export the data you see in the overview pages. The information that is filtered will be exported to a csv (Excel) file where you can use it for analysis.

Login page

The new login page is more userfriendly and has a new design

There are more possibilities to use your own branding on the loginpage. You can, for example, use your own colors in the header and footer and you can use your own logo in the  header or next to the login fields.

Example in ctrl style

Renewed: Financial reporting

The renewed Financial reporting has a new modern design. Reports load quicker. Importing data is also faster.

The menus and selection are restructured to provide a better overview and usability.

Financial reporting is responsive and can therefore also be used on mobile devices.


  • Various improvements in the background that contribute to optimum performance and the stability of the platform
  • It is possible to state a specific page number where the signing page needs to be added while signing a pdf file (depending on the flow configuration)
  • When closing down the Digidentity signing screens, the approve/reject buttons are directly visible again 
  • An improvement on Docflow gives us the opportunity to make flows quicker available per organisation. As a result we can enable flows easier and onboard you quicker
  • The SBA flows are by default started up with the internal review set to on. This requires a check before the document is submitted to the client.
  • The sequence of the PBCL year tiles have been updated