Three different situations will trigger notifications in the dashboard:

  • If a question has been rejected a new task will appear on the dashboard.
  • When a message is written by an intermediary on a question you have answered or where you have made a comment yourself.
  • When a subsidy project has been created, a new task will appear on the dashboard. This task will disappear when this PBCL is completed and has the status 100%.

All notifications that are created are both visible in the PBCL dashboard/notifications as well as the portal itself. When notifications are available, as a client user, you will be informed once per day via email.

All notifications

If you have a longer list of notifications, for example when you have many entities you are working on, then you can see the full list of notifications by clicking on the See all notifications link in the Notifications widget on the dashboard or by clicking on the  icon next to your name in the menu-bar.