Uploading documents

There are two ways to upload documents into the PBCL:

1.    Drag and drop - Drag a file and drop it to the related question.


2.    Browse button - Select the desired file by browsing.

Not applicable

When a file needs to be uploaded but there is no data to input, the question can be flagged as Not applicable.


If a question already contains an uploaded document, and the question is flagged as Not applicable, the document will be automatically removed.


Navigating through forms

There are three navigation options:

Next/Previous buttons.

To navigate to the next or previous form, use the Previous and Next buttons at the top right of the screen.

Between companies.

Within the form, the search bar at the top right can be used to switch between different companies, if applicable. The relevant form of the selected company will open up immediately. 

If you switch to a different company and the related form is not available for this company, the following will appear:

Navigational URL

The selected tile will be opened immediately.

Question mark 

Click the question mark for a more detailed explanation to the question.

Question has been approved

When a question is approved by the service provider, its status is updated to green.

Prior to approval:        

After approval:

Question has been rejected

When a question is rejected by the intermediary, the reason for the rejection is shown. 

When a question is rejected, an email will be sent to you and a task will appear on your dashboard. The explanation will be shown under the rejected question.

The tile containing the rejected question will show a red badge Rejected.

Remove documents

Uploaded documents can be removed by clicking the red recycle bin for the related document. The document will also be deleted from Drive.

Posting messages

When a question is unclear and you would need additional information or if you want to give additional explanation why a question is not applicable, it is possible to post a comment to a question.

You can click on the   icon to start with a new message. If a conversation is already available for a PBCL question you can type your new message in the Write a comment field underneath the existing comments.

With this functionality you can also react to a rejection of an intermediary.