Navigation through the PBCL tile structure

Every type of PBCL has its own tile structure. The dashboard can be opened by choosing a Year and a Type of PBCL. The application shows all tiles and sub tiles available for the type of PBCL.

Elements of a tile

Each tile contains the following elements:

  1. Percentage of questions answered – shows the percentage of questions answered that are classified under this tile.
  2. Status bar – displays various colors to show the percentage of questions answered, approved and rejected. 
  3. Sub tiles – shows the names of the sub tiles classified under the tile.
  4. Status of sub tiles – shows the status of the sub tile.
  5. Status badgets - These give you direct information of special statuses (e.g. a rejected question)

You can recognize a completed tile by the green check in the lower right corner, by the status bar on the bottom or by the percentage in the bottom right corner. The green completed badge will only be visible when all the questions are completed and approved by the intermediary.

Colours explained

The status bar contains the following colours:

•    Grey - Questions are unanswered.

•    Yellow - Questions are answered, but not reviewed by the intermediary yet.

•    Green – Questions are approved by the intermediary.

•    Red – Questions are rejected by the intermediary. 

Subtile icons

Navigating to forms

To navigate to underlying forms directly from the tile, click on the related form in the tile:

Navigating to sub tiles

Click on the title of the tile to open an overview of the sub tiles.

Navigating through the crumble path

The crumble path appears above the tiles and shows the path that was followed. By clicking on the related paths, it is possible to navigate back to a tile. This allows for easy and rapid switching between multiple tiles.