Below is a description of how you can control access to Twinfield for you and your employees.

Select company            

You select a company through the “Menu” option.

User management

You will find the “User management” option under the company. Click the user management option. The user management screen will now be shown.

Select role

From the user management screen you establish the type of subscription you wish to use. You can set this for yourself and for any other users.

You set the subscription under the heading “Role”. Next, you tick the companies to which this role should be linked. You shut down by clicking “Save”.

You are now ready to start working with your Twinfield accounts.

If you wish to do so immediately, you need to log on to the ctrl portal again.

New user

You can also add new users from the user management screen. You do this by clicking on the “Create User" button.

Then appear:

Fill in the fields with the data from the user and conclude by clicking on "Create User".

As a final step, the new user also get a role as described in Chapter 3.